Thursday, March 22, 2018

Good bye, my Favorite Snack

About one week ago, I felt something was wrong with my throat while eating some peanuts. It was difficult for me to swallow, and I began to cough.
It reminded me that something similar had happened a few weeks before, when I was having my favorite snack called kaki-no-tane, which consists of small rice crackers and peanuts.
Immediately, I thought of an episode in the TV series, NCIS, which I had watched years before, where a flight attendant attempted to murder a lady by giving her a pillow lined with peanut dust.
I may have become allergic to the food, just like the lady in the drama, whose immune system is activated by some of the substances in peanuts.
Though I haven't seen the doctor yet, I've said good-bye to my favorite snack forever. :-(
cue word: activate


  1. Ugh! I'd hate to give UP my favorites! Good six.

  2. This definitely does sound like an allergic reaction, and peanut allergies are serious stuff because we really have a need to keep breathing!!! I seem to develop more and more food allergies, and allergies of other kinds, as the years go by. It is frustrating because it is always to something I really enjoy. I would be allergic to yucky things like liver and brussel sprouts! :-) You are wise to give up the peanuts and get that checked out. I hope you find a new snack that you enjoy just as much. <3

  3. It's rare, but adults can develop an allergy to peanuts. If this has happened, i am very sorry and hope you find something else to enjoy when you snack. Better safe than sorry, after all.

  4. Oh, no! It is wise to listen to your body. If you really are allergic to peanuts, check the ingredients of anything packaged or bottled.

    Good SSS.

  5. Wow peanut allergies are pretty serious from what I hear I hope it all works out for you.zoe

  6. I remember that episode! Pretty clever. How scary for you! And unfortunate the allergy is to a favorite snack! One thing to be allergic to food that's good, but ok and another when you really like it.
    I'm glad you're OK.